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Pentax 28 Pixel Camera

Pentax 28 Pixel B&W Lofi Camera

Low Fidelity/High Integrity

It has often been said the photographic process of capturing light by transforming chemicals has an integrity that digital images do not. The ever advancing numbers of mega pixels claim to give us a better representation of reality, and ask us to trust an unknown process colour science and AI. We are abstracted from the transformations that take place in the processes of modern cameras.

It would be much like an artist picking up a brush and trusting that the brush alone can produce the image the artist believes is true. Could this work be said to have the integrity of intention of the artist if the artist fundamentally does not have control of the processes that create the image?

Bridge With People Walking Across

Bridge With People Walking Across 
Optoma 35 Pixel Lofi Camera

I present the idea that a modern many megapixel cameras may have a high fidelity, but in removing the understanding of process within, lacks integrity of its representation of reality.

In response to this idea I have created a set of very simple digital cameras using the most very basic of parts. From the design of the hardware to the programming of the software; From a photon of light hitting an individual pixel to the final result, I have an almost complete understanding of the transformations taking place at each step.

The resulting images are very low in fidelity, but high integrity, offering a more truthful representation of reality of the world around me. Using these cameras I make further studies on the smaller parts of data gathered to expand understanding.

Missing Mountain Data

Missing Mountain - Data Interpretation

Missing Mountain

Scholars of anthropology have said that on an evolutionary timeline we could be considered an immature creature due to the short time we have existed. As a species we are also known to push the limits of technology, often without fully understanding the processes or implications.

Nam June Paik wrote “Skin has become inadequate in interfacing with reality” and “Technology has become the body's new membrane of existence”. Never has this been more true with the advent of personal computing and the ubiquitous mobile phone. 

Every new technology moves the biological human further away from our interface with reality. I believe this abstraction is an ever increasing amount of which could be considered a measure of how far we are into the Anthropocene.  

Missing Mountain Show Installation (Video Frame)

Missing Mountain Show Installation (Video Frame)

The Missing Mountain project was an opportunity to sift through the Anthropogenic Deposits of a now aestheticized landscape, once a hive of industrial activity.

I attempted to find a balance to the abstraction of the interface by remaining physically grounded in the landscape and using a simple set of tools, based on older and better understood technology.

The results of the research in collaboration with Monika Oechsler were presented in a public exhibition.

Accretion Entropy Live

Accretion Entropy Live

Accretion Entropy

noun growth or increase by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter.

noun lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

Accretion Entropy is an intuitive sound performance whose foundation is in the improvisation coalesce into structures from a state of chaos.

Formed around 2018 from a coalescing of ideas while making work for the Oscilloscope experimental audio event; Accretion Entropy consists of Charles Gershom, Dr Ed Wright and Rob Spaull. 

Host Operator Live @ Tempting Failure

Image Description

Host Operator

Host/Operator is a sound performance project that uses intuitive sound performance to address ideas of performative state; the mental and physical space we occupy when engaging with the creative process.

The performative state is a singular moment that you inhabit when performing that is abstracted from time and void of contextual response to the current external stimulus.

The process involves living in the moment allowing us the freedom to act without hesitation and with the absence of intrusion. 


Host Operator @ Entre Chien Et Loupe

Host Operator @ Entre Chien Et Loupe

The performative state is a feedback loop of performance/response inside the same moment and action. 

Host Operator is also home to creation of the process known as Audio Chronology. This is a performative state tool used to create definitive historical records through the capture of audio during Audio Chronology Surveys.

Since forming in 2010, Host/Operator have performed, recorded and released over 24 hours of audio material across 60+ audio releases.

It is formed of Charles Gershom and Benjamin Buck 

Reality Boffins Logo

Reality Boffins Logo

Reality Boffins

Formed by North Wales Creative Technologists Charles Gershom & Rob Spaull, Reality Boffins is a trans-disciplinary professional partnership combining computing, design, art and the humanities.

Key to our working ethos is delivering projects that would be considered contributing to a better society.

Through our combined interest in both cutting edge and retro technologies, we have become specialists in developing custom and unique experiences with a focus on challenging people’s sense of reality through vehicles such as VR & AR, projection mapping and real-time digital systems.

Artist Statement


Charles Gershom @ Tempting Failure, Bristol

I have always had an uncontrollable desire to break everything apart, figure stuff out and reform stuff. Thankfully over the past three decades the people around me have indulged this habit, and as a result I exist full time as an artist and maker who happens to wield a hammer and soldering iron rather than a paint brush.

My method of learning is based heavily around doing things the wrong way, to learn the right. With this approach I find my "process" leaves a trail of broken equipment and every so often a fully formed idea is made real. I firmly believe a key skill in learning is about getting over the fear of failure and this often destructive process embraces this concept.

Throughout this journey I have taken great joy in sharing knowledge and supporting fellow humans with their own learning journeys. I am an avid supporter of the arts as an educational and well being tool. Working in Schools and communities to share ideas, and teach creative practice as a way of improving all aspects of day to day life. 

Education & Awards

  • BA (Hons) Fine Art (First Class)
    The University of the West of England, Bristol , June 2013 
  • Foundation Art & Design (Distinction)
    Coleg Menai, Bangor, June 2010
  • Emma Sullivan Award
    Combining aesthetic skill with social purpose and awareness of Community, June 2013 

Artist Support & Mentoring

Lofi Camera Workshop, Ruthin Craft Center

Lofi Camera Workshop, Ruthin Craft Center

If you are a human who is interested in learning about or wants support on any of the following....

Soundscape production & performance, VR/AR, Arduino, Unity, Java,C++,C# Development, Audio Coding such as Pure Data, Max/MSP,  Electronic Design,CAD,3D Printing, Animation, Animatronics or general creative technology.

I can provide tuition or services to teach, make, fix or install all of the above. Just drop me an email and we can sort something out. I completely understand the under funded nature of art and always try to be flexible to work to the means of the project at hand. I will always prefer to teach you to successfully use a skill yourself for very basic resources. If you do not desire to learn, you can always ask me to do it for an increased amount of resources.

Drop me and email at charles.gershom@gmail.com

Further Projects

  • Oct 2016 to 2020 - Creative Technology Practitioner
    Lead Creative Schools, Arts Council Wales. Various Locations - Currently Ysgol Gogarth
  • 2017 - Present -  Creative Technologist
    Reality Boffins, AR,VR,XR and Mobile Game Development
  • Sept 2017 - Technical Producer
    Facilitation Piece for Togetherness. Performance & Film. Monika Oechsler. Chisenhale Dance Studio, London
  • July 2017 - Technologist & Audio Performer
    Vertical Dance Forum, Pontio, Bangor, UK
  • March 2016 - Sept 2017 - 3D Software Developer
    NRG Surveys , Llanfairfechan, UK
  • 2013-2016 - Artist/Technologist/Workshop Leader
    Glitch/CircuitPHF , Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno
  • August 2015 - Technical Producer
    Public Address - Video Production, Monika Oeschsler, UWE, Bristol
  • 2013 - Technologist & Curator
    Spike Open, The Boiler Room, Spike Island, Bristol
  • May 2012 - Technologist
    Harriet Bowman/Field Song, Audio Installation, Bristol
  • March 2002 - Sept 2010 - Developer
    Freelance, UK

Further Works

  • June 2018, Missing Mountain
    Installation & Video Exhibition, F Block Gallery, Bower Ashton, Bristol
  • March 2018  Accretion Entropy
    Audio Performance/Broadcast, Neaudd Ogwen, Broadcast for ‘Exposure’ on BBC Radio 3 
  • September 2017 Audio Chronologists
    48 Hour Audio Performance, Llawn05 Festival, Llandudno
  • July 2017 Live Audio to Choreography
    Vertical Dance Forum, Pontio, Bangor, UK
  • June 2017 Capacitor Mathematics
    Interactive Electronic Sculpture, Wagstaff, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, UK
  • September 2016 Glitch VR Lab
    Interactive Virtual Reality Space, Glitch Festival@Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno
  • November 2015 Homo_sapiens.GRCh37
    Computer Animation, Created for Public Address by Monika Oeschlser, Cube Cinema, Bristol
  • September 2015 Sonic Wave Lab
    Interactive Audio Installation,
  • September 2016 Audio Performance
    Tribute to Double Beta, Oscilloscope The Green House, Bangor, UK 
  • November 2014 Sound/Noise Performance
    Synthetic Life Group, Temping Failure, The Island, Bristol 
  • August 2014 Brazen Grumpy
    Audio Performance, Grumpy Studios, Manchester
  • July 2014 Project Tryfan - Host/Operator
    Performance, Ogwen Valley,North Wales 
  • November 2013 SAPIENS.GRCH37.70
    Computer Animation, Beyond Assembling, Mark Deveroux/Federation House, Manchester
  • March 2013 Sweet Spot
    Interactive Sound Sculpture, The Crypt, Bristol
  • June 2013 Sound/Noise Performance
    Synthetic Life Group, The Show 2013, Spike Island, Bristol 
  • November 2012 “Security"
    Entre Chien et Loup (Part 1), Bristol Diving School, Bristol,
    Entre Chien et Loup (Part 2), Rother Krebs, Linz, Austria
  • March 2012 Field Song
    Interactive Sound Sculpture, BBC More Than Words Festival, Bristol
  • February 2012 Machinic Conscious Shell
    Video, UWE and Chelsea School of Art, Collaborative event , Picture This,Bristol 
  • September 2012 Soundscape Performance
    Synthetic Life Group, AVANTGAARDEN, Bristol Diving School,Bristol
  • May 2012 Soundscape Performance
    Synthetic Life Group, Strange Angel, Southbank, Bristol
  • March 2011 JizzRazor 
    Video, (Collaboration with #SaxtonKay), Duck Stamp, Southbank, Bristol

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